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Why Diapers?

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We believe small changes make a BIG difference. Our mission is to strengthen families and individuals

in Mid-Michigan by providing a sufficient and reliable supply of baby diapers and adult incontinent items.

  • No assistance programs, such as WIC, food assistance and many medical insurance programs help families in need with the purchase of baby diapers/adult incontinent items.
  • Daycare facilities require parents of babies to provide a full supply of diapers for enrollment.
  • Many people with disabilities will never outgrow the need for incontinent items, thereby creating a financial burden on the family.
  • Seniors who lack incontinent items become more homebound and isolated, possibly causing depression. Incontinence is the 2nd leading reason for institutionalization.
  • Many community agencies supporting families with babies, seniors and people with disabilities continually list baby diapers and incontinent items as a top need.
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